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About GTRR

Our motto of "Providing World-Class Educators" is as true today as it was in 2001 when Dr. Paddy Sharma started GTRR with the desire to "Enhance Tomorrow’s Future". By enriching the education of America ’s Students with world-class educators who care, we at GTRR stand by our purpose.

In the years since we began, GTRR has placed teachers not only in numerous districts but also in several states. Our success comes from hard work, research and diligence in finding and placing the best teachers in the most suitable positions. We are thorough in carefully recruiting, screening and interviewing thousands of applicants and selecting the best teachers to inspire America ’s future. Our teachers have in-depth knowledge of their field and bring enriching personal experience to the classroom. Our teachers' diversity pushes students to think outside the box and find commonality among the various diversities.

With each passing year, the undeniable financial constraints and scarcity of reliable teachers for each school system is readily apparent. We at GTRR work with your mission in mind. GTRR teachers receive the same salary as other teachers with similar experience and equivalent degrees. Moreover, as GTRR makes benefits available for our teachers, the school is relieved of the burden of providing the same. Rather school systems pay an administration fee that is generally less than the cost of benefits. Collaborating with GTRR means quality teachers with savings to the school systems.

We work hard to ensure that the teachers we train are fluent in English carry prior experience in their specialized fields and possesses the equivalence of a bachelor's degree or higher in both their content area and the field of education. GTRR selects the best candidates in Mathematics, Science, Spanish, Elementary Education, Special Education, etc.,for school systems to select. We also ensure that each teacher receives the proper certification to teach in America ’s classrooms.

Prior to being considered, GTRR applicants are required to meet the following minimum requisites:

  • Fluency in English;
  • Equivalence of a Bachelor’s Degree or higher in your Content Area and completion of an accredited educator preparation program;
  • Previous successful teaching experience.

GTRR believes in academic and personal success for students. That is why we believe in teachers who care!


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