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How do I apply to teach in the USA?
Please Click on "Teachers" and review our eligibility diagram to determine if you are eligible to apply for a program. If you are eligible then please click at the link located at the bottom of the diagram. This will take you directly to the application form. If you are applying from India you will need to forward this application to our address in Chennai, along with copies of your credentials and other appropriate documentation. If you are applying from anywhere else please forward the documentation to our address in Morrow, Georgia, along with copies of yours credentials and other appropriate documentation. You will also need to download two reference forms. These will need to be filled out by your two most recent supervisors and they must forward the references directly to us.

Atlanta Office 
3000 Corporate Center Drive, Suite 180
Morrow, Georgia, 30260
Phone: (770) 961-5469 

Chennai Office 
C2 Crystal Lawn, Wallace Garden 
#20, I Street, Haddows Rd. Chennai
- 600 006. Phone: (44) 4206 8262

I'm already in the U.S., however I'm not a permanent resident or citizen. Can I apply?  
If you are currently in the U.S. you may be eligible to participate depending on your individual situation. GTRR evaluates this on a case-by-case basis. Please follow the eligibility diagram and send the application directly to our Office in Morrow, Georgia for consideration.

In which subject areas, does GTRR place teachers?  
GTRR places teachers in all subject areas. However, the focus is on the critical areas of Science, Mathematics, Spanish, Special Education and Elementary Education.

How does GTRR assist me as a Teacher in the United States?
Global Teachers Research & Resources, Inc. (GTRR) assists international teachers throughout their employment in the United States.

GTRR teachers receives a detailed orientation shortly after their arrival in U.S.A. In addition, workshops are presented in Classroom Management, Instructional Strategies, Educational Laws in America and other topics to prepare GTRR teachers for the American Educational System. In addition, a representative from GTRR will visit your classroom to conduct observations to assist in your development and as a means of support.

How will my salary be determined?
Your salary will be determined in accordance with the Salary Scale of the School System you are placed in. Salaries will vary from school system to school system. The school system will provide your salary based on your highest degree and the number of verifiable years of teaching experience you have.


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